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The Team

arielAriel Zilberstein, founder and CEO

Ariel has B.Sc. in electric engineering from the Israeli Institute of Technology the Technion (magna cum laude) and studied for an MBA at Swinborn University, Australia.
A former fighter jets and attack helicopter navigator. Ariel served as commander at the air force equipment squadron, where he specialized in flight tests equipment and engineering, navigation and communication systems, command and control systems, UAV’s and avionics.
Today, Ariel is an Entrepreneur with an extensive and varied experience in the fields of strategic planning, marketing and business development.
Over the past 25 years Ariel gained vast experience and extensive knowledge in development and integration of complex autonomous unmanned systems; in leading successful business process and top engineering teams; and in managing large scale business – engineering projects.

“I believe in long distance running (I’m a marathon runner, triathlete and Iron-Man triathlete), hard work and a wide abstract systematic observation (a bird’s eye view) combined with the ability to locate and face small, critical and essential details. The combination of all three is the key to identify promising business opportunity and raise value of companies I represent.”

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sigalitSigalit Filtz-Sasson, Branding, Marketing and Business Development

Sigalit has a BA in social sciences and an MBA. Sigalit is a qualified consultant on behalf of The Israel Export Institute and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Sigalit brings with her more than two decades of experience in marketing and sales in international and Israeli markets. Previous achievements include successful branding processes for firms, businesses and products, marketing management, opening new markets in Israel and abroad and working with varied Private Label clients, distributors and leading brands. Sigalit is a practiced consultant, leading businesses toward successful growth and improvement of their profitability and competitive skills. Sigalit has considerable practical experience in establishment of outsourcing systems abroad, the Far East and Turkey – commercial management of suppliers, procurement and working with subcontractors (“Delta Galil Industries”). She has taken part in merging and procurement processes in Israel and Europe (“Teva Naot”), has many years of experience in leading the assimilation of organizational changes, motivating employees and managers. Sigalit is the founder and owner of the “Heisegim” (“Achievements”) Company – business, management and marketing consulting.

“I believe in holistic integrative approach, in which business data is combined with the requirements of clients, markets and suppliers. Creating and executing a business strategy based on individual contribution of employees and managers alike. I strive to study and analyze the existing situation and to examine its implications for the organization’s future. Having acquired an understanding of what is required I proceed to develop a recommendation plan for practical improvements, tailored to the “size” and requirements of the organization, the client and the market.”

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moranMoran Zilberstein (Adv.), IP Business Development 

Moran holds an LL.B from Tel-Aviv University and currently an MA student in the program of Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Tel-Aviv University, majoring in negotiation. Moran is an IP and commercial lawyer specializing in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, passing off, trade secrets and technology transfer. Moran served as a legal counsel to entrepreneurs and international companies in the fields of IP management and IP protection. Moran also brings with her years of experience in training and training development.

“I believe that in order to drive economic growth and innovation, organizations must leverage their technology and manage their IP in a very smart and strategic way. Today, more than ever, there is an increasing understanding about the economic value of intangible assets for companies. Technology and innovation play an important role in the balance of these assets, and will be translated into funds and market monopoly with the right IP strategic plan. This is a growing new economic thinking that can change the game and the world we live in.” 

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