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Technology-Business development – “one stop shop” services:
Technologies review

Today, the number of technologies from which companies can choose has grown dramatically, no single company can research every relevant discipline. At the same time, the sources of new technology have also proliferated. Any company can tap those sources, so all companies must constantly monitor the places that could spawn the next breakthroughs. Also the competitive game has changed: the advantage now often goes to the companies that are most adept at choosing among the vast number of technological options and not necessarily to the companies that create them.

In order to stay in the game, SPINIT will provide you with a professional review of new, innovative, relevant and applicable technologies that can be integrated into your company products, processes or services.

Technology providers review
Implementing the right technology may lead a company to take a dominant position in the market. Based on the technology review results, SPINIT will provide you with a “Technology providers lists”. At this satge SPINIT will identify the assets that will be created in the integration of the new technology, including providing an IP portfolio.

Business feasibility study
Analying the current opportunities and barriers in the market, in order to assess the business feasibility of integrating a new technology into company products, as well as an examination of profitable business models.

Business Plan
Forming a technological-commercial model and based on it a business plan to implement. Including planning the penetration strategy of the new product to target markets.

Accompanying the negotiation and engagement with technology providers
Providing commercial and engagement models solutions , accompanying the negotiation and the process of engagement with technology providers.

A rapid prototype development
Managing and/or accompanying the first prototype project development and using it for learning about user experience and added value to consumers. This working model enables to reduce risks – examination and verification of working assumptions at a relatively moderate investment.

Integration project management
Managing the technology integration project at the company’s facilities or at the subcontractor. Integration of the technology into the company’s products at a commercial level, including accompanying the transition phase from development to production.

Leading the product’s penetration process into the target markets
Putting together an action plan for marketing, branding and selling of the new product in the target markets in which the company operates.