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Our Vision

Spinit – connecting technology to human needs

In a world where changes happen rapidly and consumers are becoming more demanding and less loyal.

In a world where the pace of technological changes considered a revolution and those who do not respond quickly left behind.

In a world where technology enables significant growth and new businesses opportunities.

In a world where the value of companies relies ever more on intangible assets, such as technology and branding, and those who do not create intellectual property assets will lose market position.

In this world:

Our mission is to identify our client’s business opportunity and leverage it to a sustainable growth engines.

Our vision is to constantly strive to bring the latest technological developments to the forefront of our daily lives in order to enable: environmental preservation, high quality of life, enhanced user experience and utmost comfort to humankind.

We are committed to serve as a technological “radar” for our clients, close the technological gaps in the fields of relevance to their businesses and assist them in identifying and evaluating their business opportunity lying in the technological evolution.

Our promise is to be at the cutting edge of technology knowhow and specialize and lead processes of innovation and creativity by using analytic and methodological tools that make a difference and operating a professional and up to date team of leading experts in diverse technological fields.

We believe in a comprehensive and integrative business approach that combines between vendor’s opportunities and client’s opportunities.

We serve our clients in the way we believe they would like to be served, seeing them as business partners taking a joint road.