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Business Partners

Spinit is looking for business partners in the field of UAS for commercial purposes!

One of SPINIT’s leading projects includes initiatives involving commercial projects for integration of UAV and other unmanned systems in our living environment. The purpose of these projects is to shatter the standard barriers of the market and to create sustainable growth engines, as well as employment opportunities in peripheral areas.

SPINIT collaborates with companies and businesses operating in the commercial UAV market and looking for strategic partners who identify with the mission and have the passion and ability to contribute to the success of SPINIT’s projects.

If such collaboration intrigues you, please contact us, join the team and help us change the world!

Why do we identify a business opportunity in commercial operation of UAV?

We live in a world with a growing need for finding solutions for substantial problems in most areas of life such as energy, access to water and food, environment, poverty, terrorism, diseases, education and nursing.

At the same time we live in an era, in which technologies develop at exponential pace, including developments in the field of commercial operation of UAV systems. This immense progress in UAV technology is seen in the increase demands for new regulatory rules that will enable flying UAV in civil space.

At the focal point of these trends, the increased commercial operation of UAV on the one hand and the need for solutions for global problems on the other, we identify business opportunities with great potential for a variety of projects offering both social and economic values.

What are we good at?
We specialize in the field of unmanned systems, including:

  • Technological development for commercial operation of UAV and other unmanned systems in profitable business format.
  • Providing solutions to systemic problems.
  • Integration of technologies in UAV systems – electro-optical sensors in the visible and invisible range, radars, BIG DATA, nanotechnology, Internet of Things (IoT), wireless communication, navigation systems and etc.

Spinit is looking for business partners for technology integration projects in the field of traditional industry products!

We know all about design and integration of technology in traditional industrial products such as: construction and finishing, color, wood, plastic, textile, paper, lighting, composite materials, glass and more.

We have identified a growing demand for industrial products integrated with  innovative technology, for providing the following values:

  • Energy saving.
  • Water Saving.
  • Reducing the use of detergents.
  • Reducing the cost of construction and maintenance of buildings.
  • Reduction of solid waste.
  • Access to clean water and essential food products.
  • Increase the sense of personal security.
  • Increase accessibility to essential services in constantly growing urban metropolises. 

These values enable to preserve the environment, increase the quality of life and provide an improved user’s experience.

We invite you to join our team and together change the world and make it a better place to live in.