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Business models

We believe in our ability to achieve results and lead organizations and companies toward breakthroughs and improvement of business profitability. This is why we choose to work with truly committed clients.

In order to fit our client’s needs and business objectives SPINIT offer its clients five different business engagement models: 

  • Consultation and Training – Consulting and leading the business technological thinking process in the organization.
  • Mediating between clients and technology providers – SPINIT will identify and locate the technology providers and will generate the necessary conditions for the formation of a business relationship.
  • Inter-organizational  project management in a subcontracting model – This model is best suited for clients interested in developing “domestic” capabilities and/or developing capabilities through entities outside of Israel.
  • Sprouting startupsSPINIT will found an independent and separate subsidiary company to supply the capabilities. This model is best suited for situations where the establishment of a separate operative entity is required or when it is required to develop abilities through outsourced local representation.
  • Representation of technology manufacturers in Israel and abroad